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Your company's safety management program should be covering enough to protect important assets (inclusive personnel) of your organization.

To prevent unnecessary heavy expenses, there are five major safety management concepts that business of all sizes should be concerned with. By focusing on Workplace, Building Structure, Machineries, Equipment and Heavy Vehicle as protecting your business needs to keep moving forward by applying our following items:

  • Mechanical Structure Rubber Buffer
  • Loading Bay Rubber Bumper & Fender
  • Heavy Vehicle Wheel Chock &
    Wheel Stop
  • Pillar & Wall Guard, Rack Protector
  • Anti-Vibration Mat & Impact Disc
  • Elastomeric Bearing Pad & Etc...

Mechanical engineer are expected to apply in current technologies and principals to develop useful machinery and replacement component or parts, product design, production handling system and manufacturing processes requested tolerance and closer parameters to structural safety and durability of mechanical parts, whereby also cost effective in the whole process and we works closely to customer's active and passive development programs. Products such as follow;
  • Mechanical Coupling Rubber Pin Bush
  • Anti-Vibration Mechanical Mounting & Pad
  • Industrial Roller & Wheel
  • Rubber Bellow & Cover
  • Rubberise Grooving Track Pad
  • Rubber Ball & Grommet
  • Rubber Suction Pad & Cap and Etc.

Today's automotive Industries are most importance economic in the global market with strictly more precise parameters. New rubber material technologies allow us to produce more structural safety, comfort, durability, weight control and cost effective in the newly vehicles. Products such as follow;

  • Engine Mounting & Damper
  • Anti-Vibration & Sound Insulation Pad
  • Electronic Device Cover & Sealing Grommet
  • Heavy Truck Rear Impact Bumper
  • Wheel Chock For Heavy & Light Vehicle & etc.

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