Mechanical & Engineering

Key benefits of rubber products in mechanical and engineering contexts include:

  1. Vibration and Noise Reduction: Anti-vibration mounts and pads minimise vibrations and noise, creating a better work environment and extending the lifespan of equipment.
  2. Protection and Flexibility: Rubber bellows, covers, and grommets safeguard machinery components from dust, debris, and contaminants while offering flexibility and resistance to wear and tear.
  3. Efficient Material Handling: Industrial rollers, wheels, and rubber suction pads facilitate the smooth movement and secure handling of materials, improving overall productivity.
  4. Enhanced Traction: Rubberized grooving track pads provide traction and surface protection for tracked vehicles, reducing wear and tear on machinery and infrastructure.
  5. Connection and Dampening: Mechanical coupling rubber pin bushes create flexible connections and dampen vibrations, leading to improved machinery performance and longevity.
  6. Sealing and Cushioning: Rubber gasket, seal, o-ring, balls, grommets, and other versatile components offer sealing, cushioning, and vibration-dampening properties across a wide range of applications.

By incorporating these rubber products into their designs, mechanical and engineering professionals can optimise production plant processes, ensuring the machinery operates at peak performance and with improved overall reliability.

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Rubber products are indispensable in mechanical and engineering applications, significantly enhancing the efficiency and reliability of production plant machinery. By providing protection, flexibility, and durability, they contribute to the optimization of various industrial processes.

Mechanical Rubber Wheel & Roller
  • RE270 / RE269-1
  • RE345-99
  • RE331-99
  • RES329
  • RE174
  • RES323
Mechanical Coupling Pin Rubber Bush
  • CP024
  • CP051
  • BU059 / BU077
  • BU068 / BU118
Engine Rubber Mount
  • VM022
  • VM165
  • VM059
  • VM042-1
  • VM030
  • VM027
  • VM057
  • CP028
  • VM181
  • VM117
Wheel and Roller
  • RE320
Rubber Suction Pad and Cup
  • RC051
  • RC058 / RC072-1
  • RC062
  • RC003
  • RC050
Rubber Bellow
  • BW012
  • BW008
Hydraulic Seal, Rubber Grommet
  • GK139-1 / GK139-2 / GK139-3
  • GM019
Rubber Foam
  • PG050
Rubber Buffers
  • BP029
  • BP173-9

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