Building &
Structure Protection

Consider incorporating the following rubber products to enhance safety and protection:

  1. Mechanical Structure Rubber Buffer: Absorbs impacts and reduces damage to structures, improving their durability and stability.
  2. Loading Bay Rubber Bumper & Fender: Shields loading dock bays and building structures from potential damage during loading and unloading operations.
  3. Heavy Vehicle Wheel Chock & Wheel Stop: Secures vehicles in place, mitigating the risk of accidents and enhancing overall safety.
  4. Pillar & Wall Guard, Rack Protector: Defends warehouse and factory walls, pillars, and storage racks from collisions, maintaining their structural integrity.
  5. Anti-Vibration Mat & Impact Disc: Diminishes vibration and noise from machinery, improving the work environment and prolonging equipment lifespan.
  6. Rubber Bearing Pad & More: Provides additional support and flexibility to building structures, ensuring enhanced durability and stability.

By integrating these rubber products into your safety management program, you can create a secure and efficient workplace, minimise costs, and reduce downtime, ensuring your business continues to thrive.

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Rubber products play a vital role in building and structure protection, safeguarding your organisation's valuable assets, including personnel. Implementing a comprehensive safety management program focused on five key areas - Workplace, Building Structure, Machineries, Equipment, and Heavy Vehicles Activities Zone - can help prevent unnecessary expenses and maintain business continuity.

Dock Rubber Bumper and Wheel Chock
  • BP169-1-2
  • BP168-1-8
  • WH001-2 / WH001-1
  • BP169-26
Cylindrical Rubber Fender
  • FP100-46
Rubber D-Fender
  • DFSD014
  • DF019
Marine Dock Stairs Rubber Mat
  • PD198-4
Rubber Corner Wall Guard
  • FP100-13-1
  • FP100-14
Wheel Stop
  • WH003

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